SPECILA YARNS for special applications.

Special Yarns

Very special applications require very special yarns.

With its products LUNA and MONOLON MADEIRA offers two special yarns that can not be more different.

While LUNA only really unfolds its luminosity in the dark, the transparent MONOLON remains largely invisible even in daylight.

There are a variety of applications for both yarns. LUNA ensures by its luminescent power z. For example, at carnival or Halloween costumes for surprise effects and much attention, MONOLON serves largely invisible eg the fixation of sequins or cord yarns.



    is our luminescent eddect yarn with surprisingly strong luminosity. LUNA stores the light when it is lit and gives it off in the dark with a green glow.


For more Transparency

    MONOLON is a transparent yarn for unusual embroidery ideas, that is for anyone who wants to add extra ascents through a yarn mix. Such a filigree overall effect of a realized embroidery design can not ne achieved with full colors. Developed for the fixation of cord yarns and sequins on embroidery machines, this yarn variant also offers the possibility of an independent.

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