POLYNEON At the highest level and "made in Germany by MADEIRA": that's POLYNEON quality.


MADEIRA POLYNEON is our robust universal embroidery thread with high resistance and best value for money. The solid 100% polyester yarn construction guarantees chlorine fastness and makes MADEIRA POLYNEON the first choice in denim wash applications. ideal

Areas of application are sports, outdoor, workwear, hotel and gastronomy. The cross-color refining guarantees absolute color fidelity even with complex embroidery with different strengths.

  • High resistance, chlorine fastness also for denim-wash applications
  • Ideal for workwear and stress-intensive areas
  • Also available flame-retardant
  • Absolute color fidelity and Pantone® references

POLYNEON (Polyester)


    The rock among the yarns at the highest level and "Made in Germany by Madeira": that's POLYNEON quality. POLYNEON is manufactured using a spinning process specially developed by MADEIRA. This is a guarantee that it runs perfectly on any embroidery machine without forming the usual loops. POLYNEON undergoes a specia; dyeing process at MADEIRA, which makes it extremely chorine-resistant. Thus, MADEIRA can afford to give the values for chlorine resistance also on the color chart: Chlorine treatment for half an hour, at up to 30°C and up to 20 g chlorine/liter. POLYNEON can therefore be exposed to all other extreme conditions. Another advantage of the POLYNEON is that it has a beautiful shine, which almost comes close to the brilliance of MADEIRA CLASSIC. POLYNEON is the first choice for heavy-duty yarn and embroidery on textiles that need to be washed extrremely often.

POLYNEON (Polyester)


    Yes to detail - no to compromise. Already with CLASSIC no. In 60, MADEIRA offers the opportunity to embroidery the ever more frequently requested small fonts and fine details in the highest quality. Unfortunately, you always come up against limits when it was necessary to use polyester yarn for technical or other reasons. With POLYNEON no. 60 MADEIRA also helps here: 100 selected colors in this fine yarn are now available and allow even the smallest letters to be readable. The colors are clearly marked with a blue dot in the color chart. Try to use two different yarn counts in one pattern!

POLYNEON (Polyester)


    is the finest polyester embroidery thread. It is perfect for attaching sequins and for creating the finest, filigree embroidery details.

POLYNEON (Polyester)


    is an innovative, flame-retardant embroidery thread for logos or lettering on flame retardant textiles such as workwear, curtains, car seats and wherever effective flame retardancy is required.

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