METALLICS MADEIRA FS and MADEIRA SUPERTWIST are metallic embroidery threads.


Our MADEIRA FS and MADEIRA SUPERTWIST are metallic Stylish embroidery threads that are ideal for high quality Applications or refinements in the high fashion sector are suitable. Our selection of yarn counts and colors as well as multi-color variants is unrivaled worldwide and offers the ideal conditions for creativity. With MADEIRA metallic yarns can be combined with others Yarns are created attractive and impressive effects.

Perfect embroidery results with MADEIRA FS and MADEIRA SUPERTWIST be through individually tailored MADEIRA

Embroidery needles for each yarn thickness reached. Individual embroidery threads are in addition to high wash resistance as well chlorfest and 'Ready for Denim Wash'.

  • Valuable metal look and soft feel
  • Ideal for high fashion and emblems
  • World's largest selection of strengths and broadest color palette
  • Single yarns also optimally sewable


The Determinator


    Probably the most durable effect sewing thread worldwide. Can be washed up tp 95°C (203°F). Even Chlorine and peroxide-containing detergents are no problem for FS No.12. This extremely durable yarn is ideal for all effect seams on heavily used materials, especially for innovative functional fabrics of the leisure and sporting goods industry. The pure silver metal coating adds a calssic elegance to decorative stitching on fashion items and accessories.


Particularly Tear-Resistant!


    The optimal combinatin of decorative metal effect and the greatest possible tensile strength makes this metal yarn ideal for heavily used textiles. The wide range of colors is suitable for embroidery, as well as for decorative and decorative seams on coats, pants, sports shoes, bags and more.


The Soft Metal Yarn


    An elegant, soft metal yarn made of fine metallized polyesster film with internal black or white rayon thread. Available in 32 fascinating color compositions from the spectrum of metallic, green, violet and rainbow colored effects. Ideal for finishing fasion and sports textiles.


95°C Washable


    A jewel in the MADEIRA product range and not just an additional alternative - a true specialty. With FS No. 30 new applications are opened, which were previously problematic for metal yarn for reasons of thermal, mechanical or chemical loads. The innovative yarn structure of FS No. 30 enables , among other things, stone-wash, chlorine treatment and washing with conventional detergents up to 95°C. In addition, FS No. 30 an optimized abrasion resistance on. FS No. 30 thus becomes the most abrasion-resistant metal yarn in the world! FS 30 refines denim and hotel linen, towels and bathrobes, work clothes and shoes, luggage and much more!


The Classic


    Together with FS 50 and FS 35, these 3 strengths form the classic line of wonderfully supple metal yarns. Refined with pure silver! The extensive selection of shades from the rich range of precious metals is complemented and rounded off by various beautiful Astro tones.


The Economical


    The latest of the metallic embroidery threads is available in 23 colors. At an attractive price, FS 45 offers trouble-free embroidery even at high embroidery speeds. The different sheating of the trilobal polyester core makes this embroidery thread appear in an antique look.


The Finest in the World


    A very fine metallic embroidery thread - As counterpart to CLASSIC 60 and POLYNEON 60 presditined for fine embroidery details has improved considerably in the embroidery by fine yarns and optimizations in the Punch technique. FS 50 now also offers a solution for this demanding task in the metal yarn sector.


Glittering effects


    MADEIRA's unique metallic effect yarn with amazing deep textured color effects and textures! The spectrum ranges from bright full colors to multicolor variations to the more delicate shades of opal-color. !$) individual tones help you to realize brilliant designs and create with stunning surface effects again and again exclusive variations for the standards. The opal and crystal colors are suitable denim wash!

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