CLASSIC (Rayon/Viscose) A class of its own.


Our MADEIRA CLASSIC is the bestseller among the viscose embroidery threads with a noble shine. The wide range of over 400 colors combined with perfect processing properties make MADEIRA CLASSIC the ideal product for all areas of application, such as clothing, underwear and home textiles, even for complex embroideries with different thicknesses. MADEIRA CLASSIC is the ideal product for sophisticated fashion projects.

  • Perfect stitching through 100% soft viscose
  • High dry rub, light fastness and tear resistance
  • 4 yarn counts and over 400 colors
  • Absolute color fidelity and PantoneĀ® references

CLASSIC (Rayon/Viscose)


    A soft embroidery art silk with a relief-like structure that brings significant stitch number savings. For overlock work and ornamental designs a real eye-catcher! A fuller and duller alternative with the same thickness is the special yarn BURMILANA No.12. Classic No.12 can additionally be used as a Festionier yarn.

CLASSIC (Rayon/Viscose)


    Stitches can be significantly reduced with this yarn size, thereby reducing production time. It is used with preference in the field of children's clothing. A big plus is the number of colors, which goes far beyond the usual range.

CLASSIC (Rayon/Viscose)


    The classic is number one worldwide. The high-quality ambroidery artificial silk captivates by natural gloss characteristics, harmonious stitch formation and high embroidery speed. Qualities - which are particularly in demand in the fashion sector.

CLASSIC (Rayon/Viscose)


    A luxury yarn that hardly meets competitors - and a pleasure for the specialista in the embroidery industry. Ideal for subtle, filigree contour lines and for the implementation of fine details, eg for very small logos on shirts, blouses or tires.

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